Friday, December 30, 2016

12 Aturan Yang Saya Patuhi

01. I go to bed and get up at the same time
02. I write for at least 60 minutes first thing every morning
03. I don not check email before noon
04. I do  not talk on the phone unless it is scheduled
05. I create a to-do list at the end of every workday
06. I do not engange in confrontations with anyone
07. I am guided by these two phrases : NOTHING MATTERS and IT WILL ALL BE OVER SOON
08. Everything that happens to me - good and bad - is my personal responsibility
09. I will not stop until I have helped 1 million men and women transform their lives
10. I will not be the person I don't want to be
11. I will always keep the child within me alive
12. I will write with honesty and feeling

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