Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Goal Setting Personality Type

easily likeable - a ‘people person’
enjoy helping other people succeed
get fulfillment from good friendships, feeling that you belong, and acts of community service
have unflagging optimism
innocent and trusting

driven, focus and highly motivated
a father figure, a leader
result focused, so goal setting is a natural approach for you
not affraid of failure, in fact you see failures simply as a challenge to bounce back from
independent with a preference for doing things “your” way

highly focus, motivated and driven, so result-focused goal setting is a natural fit for you
unafraid of failure and see it simply as another challenges to address
very indipendent
primarily motivated by power, challenges, results and achievements
a natural leader, with great skill at delegating to others

motivated by being popular and social
influential, enthusiastic, passionate and people-oriented and a charismatic leader
guided by your passionss
dream big
make use of your people-oriented nature to get others to help you

optimistic, passionate, enthusiastic, influential and people-oriented
sensual and passionate
in touch with your creative and emotional aspects
adaptable and able to change personae when necessary
motivated by being popular and social, as well as having fun

driven by curiosity and interested in gaining knowledge in order to become an expert
governed by rules, procedures and structure
risk-averse, you consider every permutation of situation in order to reduce the chance of something going wrong
always prepared for any eventually
motivated in most situation by knowledge, expertise and logic

positive and take an optimistic perspective on things
enjoy helping other people to succeed and find it easy given that you are a natural ‘peopel-person’
balanced, grounded, sweet, intelligent and nurturing
find fulfillment in friendship, belongin to a group and doing acts of community service
find motivation in shared goals, building relationships and acting for common good

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